What Is Blogging For Truth?

For over 30 years there have been organizations dedicated to spreading lies and false studies about our lives, our loves and our persons.

It's time to stop listening to and believing them.

Let's tell the world our truths and stand up to speak for ourselves instead.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ~Harvey Fierstein


Blogging For Truth

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img src="http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu308/truthandlove/bloggers300x150.jpg" border="0" alt="Blogging For Truth"

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"Beginning May 25 through the 31st, 2009 LGBTQ bloggers and all allies are invited to write articles about the truth of our existence and lives. To blog facts and the results of real scientific studies carried out by real scientists.
For over 30 years there have been organizations dedicated to spreading lies and false studies about our lives, our loves and our persons. These same organizations in the United States now seek to remove all rights and privileges afforded us as American Citizens, they ultimately seek to re-criminalize our love and our existence. In other parts of the world our brothers and sisters face prison, torture and even death for being "sexual deviants."
We believe it is time to shine the light on these false witnesses. It is time to end the hate.

Let me know if you wish to participate by leaving your URL/Blog address at the bottom of this post in the comment section, I will then add your link to the blog roll on the left. If you DO NOT HAVE A BLOG, let me know that too, and you can be an author of this blog and post on here.


Here are some of what the Anti-Gay industry says:
  • "They're destroying the moral fibre of our country"
  • "They want special rights"
  • "They need to recruit in order to increase their number"
  • "They want to influence children and other people to become homosexual"
  • "They are a feature of a decadent society"
  • "They are against the family, against family values"
  • "The family is the fundamental building block of society"
  • "They are responsible for AIDS"
  • "None of them really has a faithful relationship."
  • "What they do is disgusting."
  • "They want to shove their sex lives in our faces."
  • And probably the single most hurtful lie: "They are child molesters."
More blame out of the Uganda Conference:
  • Gays blamed for the rise of Nazism in Germany. A book, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, claims that Nazi movement was, at its core, a homosexual movement. Despite the historical record to the contrary, the author Lively blames gays for the rise of Nazism and for the Holocaust itself, and claims that “the connection between homosexualism and fascism is not incidental.”
  • Gays blamed for the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. In The Pink Swastika, Lively claims that “homosexuals are responsible for 68% of all mass murders in America.” In Uganda he recently extended that charge by blaming gay men for the 1994 genocide in neighboring Rwanda, which borders Uganda just to the south.
  • Parents blamed for their children’s homosexuality. Don Schmierer presented his contradictory list of fourteen “signs that an adolescent may be struggling with gender issues.” But his focus appeared to have been on one suggested cause: it’s the parent’s fault. He reportedly told participants that one of the biggest causes of homosexuality is the lack of “good upbringing” in families. In other words, good parents make straight children; bad parents, gay children.

Below are profiles of a dozen of today's most influential anti-gay groups. Groups designated as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center are marked with an asterisk. The link will take you to the SPLC's descriptions of each.

Alliance Defense Fund
American Family Association
American Vision*
Chalcedon Foundation*
Christian Action Network
Concerned Women for America
Coral Ridge Ministries/Center for Reclaiming America
Family Research Council
Family Research Institute*
Focus on the Family
Summit Ministries
Traditional Values Coalition

Links to other Anti-LGBTQ sites:
American's for truth about homosexuality

Where my title idea came from.....Because "The Peter" AKA Peter LaBarbera, is so eloquent: At AFTAH, we preach Christian mercy and have denounced Talibanesque capital punishment for homosexuals in countries like Iran. But we also believe that if states and localities here in America (and governments abroad) wish to ban sodomy, they have every right to do so — notwithstanding polemical U.S. Supreme Court decisions inventing newfangled “constitutional rights” and influenced by inaccurate homosexual activist amicus briefs.
The Truth Sets You Free

Sites dedicated to the truth: (feel free to make suggestions in the comments of great sites to add)
GLSEN 2007 School Climate Report
Equality Federation Links Page
Ex-Gay Watch
Homophobia The Fear Behind the Hatred
Religious Tolerance
A Letter to Louise
Queers United
G-A-Y Good As You
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Family Equality Council

Feel free to download and use these badges. Or you can use the direct link listed below each one.


  1. popmaxnow.com is joining blogging for truth :)

  2. Very cool. I want to know more before I join but I am defiantly interested.

  3. So glad I ran across this blog today... feel free to check out my blog and see if it us appropriate to me on your blogging for truth list.

  4. OMG yes!!! I just re-checked out your blog, LOL, I was there this morning and had realized I had been to it before and really enjoyed reading your posts.
    I am going to change something on here, ALL LGBT blog sites are appropriate, Now if you have a porn site, Ummmmm, maybe a different page for your post, LOL.
    I don't want to censor anyone, or make them feel they can't be themselves, I only mean, in YOUR POST relating to the truth DON'T be offensive. We offend these haters that we cannot avoid, but we should never be rude in our answers, it gives them more ammo. Let's face it: OUR VERY EXISTENCE OFFENDS THEM! And that is why we need to get the truth out there.

  5. http://truthspew.wordpress.com

    The raunchiest it gets is TMI Tuesdays and those are pretty tame.

    Right now you can see my exchanges with the Rev. John Codega of Christ the Redeemer Church in West Warwick, RI.

  6. This is such a fantastic idea - hooray! I love the idea of promoting honest dialogue between and about our community. Please put me on the blog roll! xx

  7. Thank you BioGal and truthspew, it is done!

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  9. Please everyone, also check out this link and give comments. A member of the opposition needs to understand what marriage really is about. Let's really send them a message on that forum.


  10. Yes, we definitely want to participate in Blogging for Truth. Please add the Jesus in Love Blog on glbt spirituality and the arts to your blog roll:


    What a great idea: “To blog your personal experiences, and how the hate affects you personally.” We are already brainstorming about what to write. There’s plenty of material! It seems like nobody ever asked us this before or wanted to hear the truth of how the hate affects us.

  11. I'm an outspoken ally, a parent, and an educator, and I want in on this!


  12. Add me to the blog roll!

  13. Surprise Dyke, Mrs. Chili and KittKat have all been added! Thank YOU!!!

  14. Thank you Kim for the link!!!

  15. What a great event. We'd love to participate!

    Please ad our blog at www.shesquared.com

    The direct link is www.shesquaredblog.com


  16. I'm blogging for truth here: