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SF Police Officer Speaks To Ft. Worth Dept About Rainbow Lounge Raid

At approximately 12:30 am on June 28th, the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, members of the Ft. Worth Texas Police Department and the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission arrived to inspect the Rainbow Lounge, a newly opened gay bar in Ft. Worth. The police have said that when they entered the bar the patrons began groping them and making suggestive movements towards them. (if you have ever been to a gay bar, this just doesn't happen, the patrons will part the like the Red Sea when the police arrive, we remember when you could be arrested for just being gay) They arrested several people and Chad Gibson, 26, of Euless wound up hospitalized with a head injury. Depending whom you believe, he either fell or was shoved into a wall and the floor by a beverage commission agent.

This is what a San Francisco Police Officer has to say about the raid:

h/t Dallas Voice

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  1. That's great. The cops in Fort Worth are definitely out of line on this one.