What Is Blogging For Truth?

For over 30 years there have been organizations dedicated to spreading lies and false studies about our lives, our loves and our persons.

It's time to stop listening to and believing them.

Let's tell the world our truths and stand up to speak for ourselves instead.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ~Harvey Fierstein


The Truth About Maggie Gallagher,

Maggie Gallagher is trying to scare you but Queerty is calling her on her tactics... "There are bigots and then there's Maggie Gallagher, President of the National Organization for Marriage, a conservative group that serves as a front for anti-gay discrimination which put out an ad this week that's riddled with fear and manipulation– as well as some entertaining storm footage. Gallagher has become the last-best hope for the anti-gay rights movement, which in itself is pretty laughable."
I think the best quote about Maggie is "That Gallagher's made it her life quest to keep Americans from being a more tolerant and caring people is infuriating, for sure, but at it's core, it's just sad." and I think it applies to the whole Anti-Gay Industry.

For a great read and the rest of the story, check out Queerty's "Why We're Totally Intolerant of Maggie Gallagher."

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